About STG

Smilez To Go is Vishakha Kochak’s playground, her vignettes of experiences in life which inspire her how to live happily. It’s a travelogue from across oceans, cultures, mysterious ways, and colorful clothes. It’s her chronicle of interesting people she has met, unique recipes tasted, and unusual habits encountered. Think of this blog as a treasure chest of humorous and fulfilling moments that have made her smile in varied ways. Every collectible which she has shared is something that has brought joy & health to her family and friends, and has taught her how happiness can be found from the challenges faced in everyday life.

Vishakha is friendly, sensitive, values life, lives every moment to the fullest and in this journey, she is always learning. She used to be in teaching field and is proficient in Yoga, and various alternative healing methods and has explored the world of Tarot cards. She loves to indulge in gardening, sketching, painting, reading, listening to music, driving across picturesque landscapes, meditating in silence, and is always ready for adventure, travel and likes to capture people, places and moments through her camera. This blog is about sharing these memories and moments with the world, to help spread happiness and health. Here is Happy Sharing from her to ALL.

Most stories are from Vishakha’s life, yet the site is not about her – it’s about living, wellness and how we can all make this journey a more joyful one. Please join this dialog in the comments. We would love to hear about your stories, your smiles and your feedback. You can also email Vishakha and say Hi!