Nature Around Has Answers – Just Look!

Why is it so hot? Will I reach my work on time? Why do I have to face the demanding boss? The job seems never-ending… why? When will my work get recognized? When will my studies finish? Why do I have to compete? When will I be happy? Countless question keep us perturbed all day long and the answers are all around us, we just have to look – with awareness.

Wherever I have lived, I have always woken up to the different sounds of different birds in that area. A few common birds are the Sparrows, Bulbuls, Mynahs, Babblers, Pigeons, Hummingbirds, and Roosters. and lesser knows ones, that are native to specific countries, like Cuckoos, Kingfishers, Seagulls, Bluejays, Parrots, Peacocks and so on. I am sure everybody, no matter which part of the earth you belong to, has experienced birds and butterflies around. If given thirty seconds of your observation every morning, you will surely notice the beauty of the birds – chirping, singing, and the enthusiasm and liveliness of the flight it takes. In fact, if you stop for a moment and listen, you will actually feel energetic. It’s like getting a dose of energy boost with your breakfast, simply observing them, admiring how they wake up happily everyday, singing and chirping. They don’t need alarms, but are our alarms if we listen carefully. Their enthusiasm of survival is always at a high. No matter what season – summer, monsoon, winter, fall or spring they always have something to do. They never complain and are right here in front of us, showing us how to deal with our life in a simple, easy and smiley way.

The flowers – every flower has their own charm, whether it’s a wild jungle flower, or one growing in the hills, or one in a beautiful garden or even one in your very own flower pot – no matter what color or size or shape, just like the trees – I am yet to see a flower who doesn’t smile. There have been moments, when I have felt the birds, the trees,the flowers, the butterflies, even the dragonflies sharing my joy or sorrow or aloneness.

Once as I was having lunch, I felt sad and thought to myself “Oh God! Why? Why can’t I have someone to make me smile today? As I was thinking so, I looked out into my little garden in the patio across the dining table. Suddenly, out of nowhere I saw this gorgeous unusual butterfly with big black and blue shades swoop into the balcony, sniffing flowers and simply showing off! For the next few minutes, it was as if I had company – as it flew in from the window and flew out from the door. It kept hovering until my lunch was over.

It was miraculously beautiful – I had forgotten that I was alone. When I was done with my lunch ,it had left. But, what an experience!

Once I visited Dharamshala, an absolutely divine place very near the Himalayan range. Immaculately perfect landscapes wherever you look – streams flowing, snow capped mountains as far as you can see, colorful birds that I had never seen, cool breeze, exotic flowers, lush trees, butterflies – everything in abundance. I sat meditating near my cottage, beside the cold water stream, one with nature – and every time I sat there all by myself, a little red colored bird came sat near me. It made me feel as though I had a soulmate beside me. It certainly taught me to connect with nature more closely. I can still feel that one bird very close to my heart.

If you have watched a spider spinning a web, there is so much to learn on ‘try and try until you succeed’. If you have seen a weaver bird building a nest, we realize that anything is possible – don’t underestimate yourself! I have seen a kingfisher perched up waiting to dive to get a fish! It’s definitely not easy – you need all the patience, but it works!Watching birds push their little ones out of the nest to teach them how to fly teaches us to trust nature and let children take their flight into their journey in life as they grow. Learning is everywhere, and so is the joy in it.