As I wander in this beautiful and mysterious city of San Francisco, the beauty of the fall colors around amazes me. Whether it’s a long drive on the roads, or in the hills, on the seaside or a walk in the neighborhood, the never ending colorful range of trees are a feast for the eyes. The closer you go, they seem to have this lovely celebrating look of varied colors… yellow, golden, orange rust, red, maroon, pink, magenta and some colors are a combination of many. To me, they appear vibrant, angelic and divine. Even the fallen leaves on the ground look happy as though they are bidding a joyous ‘farewell’.


Every leaf on the huge tree changes colors from green to brown in different ways, celebrating different colors and shades as they fall. Then it just “Let’s Go” itself. Sitting by these falling leaves give one an immense feeling of serenity, a feeling of calmness and love (Preeti ). I felt the dancing leaves teaching me something joyously ,silently and mysteriously. I don’t know if I can put this experience in words. But I will try to explain how it taught me how to live.


The different hues of the leaves seem to be in celebration. The entire range of colors on the leaves red, yellow, pink, golden, green and brown all seem to be a part of each other. There was no regret, no hesitation, no worry – just the fall. They seem to be saying “I cannot predict the future, I cannot change the past, I have just the present moment, I must treat it as my last”! So true.

Most of our time we spend either in the past memories or in worrying about the future, even though we have neither of them. What we have is the present moment, and we miss it. Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory. The angelic falling leaves taught me one thing, to simply ‘Let Go’ that which is already the past. It is there only because we tend to cling to it. It’s a monkey mind which runs there. So let go. Let that leaf of memory fall out gracefully from your tree of life. Let it just fly away. Once gone, it feels so light and so much at ease.

Coming to the future, it is unknown, precarious and not promised to any of us. So why worry about that. We only have the present moment. As soon as we honor the present moment, all unhappiness and struggle dissolves and life begins to flow with joy and ease.
20120120-155638.jpgThis brought me to an interesting conversation I had with a wise young lady , which also ended in the ‘Now’. The date 11.11.11 was being discussed time and again everywhere in the media. People seem to be giving it a lot of importance as it will come again only after hundred years. This date will come after 100 years but every moment that we are living, will it ever come back? Why don’t we understand that every moment that we live, that every breath we take, the now will never ever come back. So shouldn’t the present moment be the most important? It is this very moment which is the truth.

20120120-155717.jpgI always remember what a very wise young man once told me. “As you live, is how you will die”. And the falling leaves practically communicated that in silence. I think the whole mystery of letting go the past, living joyously in the now… this very moment , was silently conveyed to me by these colorful, light and joyous falling leaves. When there is no baggage of the past to carry, and nothing to worry about future, only then the joy of experiencing the present follows. Only in this present moment can we find our true connection to the universe… the source of our very being! 🙂