Welcome to My World

Hello Friends! My sharing is all about “Smiles”, “Miles” and “ToGo”. In the journey of life, one must endure millions of miles. Theoretically, if we simply add an ‘S’, these miles turn into “SMiles”. How do you achieve this practically? And more importantly, how to hang on to this smile – how to ‘To-Go’ (carry back) this precious smile? Every time a smile comes around, we need to be aware and mindful to pack it in a ‘To Go’ box to be stored within, so that it remains there – always. When the going gets tough, this storehouse of ‘Smilez To Go’ comes handy and the path full of hurdles and speed bumps becomes easier to tread on. Rather, the journey becomes an adventurous smiley one, with lots of more SMilez coming our way!

The universe is always full of surprises around every corner, and, the only permanent thing is impermanence. The surprises appear good when there are no challenges attached to them. So, we tend to forget them easily. But if they are tough lessons, we never forget them. We tend to cling to the toughness of the challenge. We can, however, choose to remember how we dealt with the challenge and how we moved forward. That gives us so much joy. Our entire journey is always going to be of challenges, which we CAN handle. How we handle it is entirely upto us. With Smiles? Yes! That’s how I chose to deal with my set of hurdles. It’s so much easier that way. Try it – it works!

One important thing I have learnt in my life, is that any job done, eases out if accompanied by a smile. It’s up to you to explore where you can gather your smiles and learning from – the potential is unlimited. But always remember to pick your precious smile from your wardrobe and wear it before starting your day, 🙂 since you also look the Best when you have the smile ‘On’. It works wonders too!

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